About Me

I am going to Antarctica!! Okay now that I got that out of the way, it is time for the introduction. My name is Amanda Reynolds and I am currently pursuing my master’s in biology at Georgia Southern University. I work with Dr. Johanne Lewis on how oxygen deprivation affects the apoptotic pathways in the hearts of hypoxia tolerant and intolerant fish. Also at Georgia Southern University I participate in the Molecular Biology Initiative, which gives me the opportunity when I am a second year grad student to assist teachers at local high schools and promote STEM education. This blog will be used primarily as documentation prior to and during my research trip to work on bloodless icefish at Palmer Station in Antarctica. Please feel free to use this blog to learn more about about my research and endeavors in Antarctica. Thank you for stopping by and please email me at AR00954@georgiasouthern.edu if you have any questions!

**Header picture of Palmer Station has been updated to a Picture I took of Palmer Station from Bonaparte Point on April 21, 2013.**